Bale Quality System

Ensures high quality for production plants in the paper and pulp industry.

We’ve been working with Softronic for many years, and they show a high level of engagement and and in-depth understanding of Valmet’s operations. Helped by Softronic’s experts, we can secure both global deliveries and 24/7 support for the Bale Quality System.

Claes Åkerlund, Manager Automation Flash Drying and Baling Technology, Wood and Pulp Handling Unit

Bale Quality System

Valmet is a global leader in the production facilities for pulp and paper, and supplies, for example, the Bale Quality System (BQS) product.

This is a sophisticated control system to improve logistics and quality management. With BQS, you can follow how individual bales, sets of bales and bale units move throughout the production line.

The system, for example, checks production data and quality parameters, such as moisture, brightness and weight, as well as labelling and classification.

Using different reporting tools and integrations with surrounding systems, the customer can follow the daily production through the entire process. BQS also creates statistics and reports for the performance of both the facility and the individual machines, including alarm frequency, cycle time and availability.

The system is dynamic and can be designed in different ways based on the wishes of the customer. To ensure quality and production, a support agreement can be signed that gives customers the opportunity to contact Valmet around the clock.

Many problems can be solved through a remote connection to the factory.Softronic further develops, installs and is responsible for global support 24 hours a day in partnership with Valmet.

Roger Gustavsson