National website for Swedish environmental work

National website for Swedish environmental work with many business and organisations involved. An inspiration for companies and municipalities to work with structured environmental work.

National website for Swedish environmental work

Sverigesmiljömå is the first version of a new national website for Swedish environmental work. It presents action-based environmental work and initiatives to increase the pace of the work to achieve the national environmental goals. The website also highlights the environmental commitment of everyone working with the environment and sustainability.

It also allows you to share your own environmental work. The website is built in Episerver, with a responsive design. Many parties are involved and the website will also be integrated with external systems, so its development has been divided up into different stages. This strategy is used to move the process forward more quickly, with early deliveries. This approach also supports the agile development method, which is necessary if you do not have all the conditions and requirements in place from the start. The first stage has been delivered as a beta version with municipalities and companies as the priority target group.

After this the website can be further developed in a more efficient and secure way, once the groundwork for the website is in place.


Sverigesmiljömå is run by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the other authorities that are responsible for the environment: the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, the Swedish Forest Agency, the Geological Survey of Sweden, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, and the County Administrative Boards.