“It’s been so enjoyable, exciting and educational to work with Softronic’s team on this project. But what I’ve appreciated the most is the incredible level of engagement you’ve shown. I don’t know how many late nights and weekends we spent sending emails, messages and talking so that we could meet all our deadlines!”

Elin Cederbrant, Founder T.A.D.1

The T1D app, a completely unique type 1 diabetes app

Together Against Diabetes1 (T.A.D.1) was established in the autumn of 2016 to make a change and to make a difference. The founder Elin Cederbrant has type 1 diabetes herself and wants to spread knowledge and information about type 1 diabetes and help raise more money for research.

T.A.D.1 started a project to develop an app that makes a real difference to everyone living with and around type 1 diabetes. Softronic was commissioned to develop the T1D app for iOS and Android, and has worked closely with the client. We have supplied a team with a project manager, an app developer, a UX designer, a requirements analyser and a tester. This has been an important project for Softronic and we wanted to support it with the skills we have at the company.

The result is a unified platform that is accessible 24/7

The T1D app provides a unified platform for everyone who has a connection to type 1 diabetes in some way. There are two sections in the app – an information section and a functional section. The information is aimed at the target group, with, for example, information articles, news, checklists and quizzes. It also has an easy-to-use carbohydrate calculator, making it simple to calculate how many carbohydrates are in a meal. In 2021 the aim is to launch an insulin dose calculator, which Softronic has developed.
The T1D app is completely free to download and use. For more information, visit https://t1dapp.se.