Bygg en säker och pålitlig formulärtjänst som ger en enkel och stabil upplevelse

Build a secure and reliable form service that is simple and stable

Do you have a lot of manual application forms that need to be digitalised? ​ Or an existing solution that is not stable and secure enough? Do you need to make life easier for your users/customers and provide them with better service?

Despite digitalisation it is still a real challenge for companies, organisations and authorities to get a secure, available and reliable form service online.

Using our Form Service we can develop a form that makes it easy for your users to log in, fill in and send their application. ​

You gain: 

  • A secure login with a Mobile BankID
  • Better customer service and high availability in line with WCAG 2.1 ​
  • Simpler administration​
  • A joint design and development team that possesses the skills needed to meet your expectations. ​

Softronic uses a structured working method to build a secure and reliable form service.

The design process includes:

  • Requirements elicitation and data capture
  • Design sketches
  • Development incl. testing
  • Launch and hand-over to management.

The result is a stable and secure solution that focuses on making life easy for the user.


Contact Monica Lindén if you would like to know more.

Mobile: +46(0)73-675 11 00