Come and join us at the breakfast seminar and meet the heroes behind the childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen”!

Events | Publish date: 30 Apr 2018


Digital transformation in healthcare is the subject of a lot of discussion, particularly at the moment. Getting the correct information easily is incredibly important for both patients and relatives, and there are increasing demands for accessibility on mobile phones. But how do you transform ideas and visions into reality in the activities themselves?

Come and join us for a breakfast seminar and meet the heroes and people behind the childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen”!

Seminar – where and when?

  • Monday 14 May 08:00-10:00 Hammarby Kaj 10A, Stockholm, Sweden (register by 11 May)

Meet Gunnar Cleve and Linn Petterson from Children’s Oncology at Karolinska Hospital who will explain how they created the award-winning childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen”. This app has quickly become the go-to source of information for families with children who are being treated for cancer. Using an intuitive CMS tool they update the app every day and send out push notifications. Anja Malmberg, one of the people behind the childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen”, is the moderator at the seminar. In her previous role as Head of Advice and Support at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Anja was interested in making life easier for children and families affected by cancer – and for the people working with these families in healthcare. Her belief in the possibilities of digitalization to reach and help many people has resulted in, for example, the childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen” initiative. Anja is currently the CEO of Aron Anderson AB.


8.00-8.15 Breakfast and mingle

8.15-8.20 Introduction – Softronic

8.20-8.30 Guest speaker/moderator Anja Malmberg talks about the childhood cancer app “Barncancerappen” initiative

8.30-8.50 Gunnar Cleve and Linn Petterson are interviewed by Anja Malmberg

8.50-9.00 Questions

9.00-9.15 END / BREAK

9.15-10.00 The technology behind the solution – Rabih Kanaan (OpenRatio) shows the platform for people who want to stay behind and get a more in-depth understanding