Softronic presents at Europe’s largest conference for developers

News | Publish date: 24 Sep 2021

Softronic’s Moa Rosén Gardell, an experienced .Net developer and solution architect, is going to speak at Europe’s largest conference for developers, which will be held digitally on 27-28 April. She is going to explain how you can use DevOps to deliver high quality microservices.


Moa Rosén Gardell
Moa Rosén Gardell

Can you briefly explain what your presentation is about?
“Over the past year, I’ve built a flow for analysing transactions in near real time to identify suspected money laundering. This flow is fully cloud-based in Azure and comprises standalone microservices. Risk management has been important throughout the project to make sure that all of the transactions are managed, while DevOps was essential to manage the flow effectively. This is why DevOps and Security seemed particularly relevant as the theme. My presentation looks at some of the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve tackled them.”

What will the participants leave with?
“The participants will leave my presentation with a more in-depth understanding of Azure’s components and how they can use them. I’m going to show you ways of tackling challenges that seem insurmountable. But above all, I want to inspire people to build stable and scalable systems that can grow and change in line with your operations.”

How did you get the chance to speak at this conference?
“For me, it’s important to share knowledge and be inspired by other people. I believe that together we can drive development and society forward by learning from each other. I also think that role models and representation are important, so I do my best to be the person I myself would have chosen to see ten years ago.

I ran an internal course on DevOps and one of the participants (with a glint in their eyes) said that I should give a TED talk about how DevOps can save the human race. So after our ‘fredagsmys’ (Cosy Friday), I wrote the application and sent it in. Within a few days, I received a reply telling me that I’d been accepted. It’s going to be great fun and I feel honoured to do it.”

Finally – how do you see the future?
“This has been such an exciting and rewarding project. I’m convinced that cloud-based solutions, or hybrids, are the future. And that DevOps is going to play an important role in this, giving us the opportunity to have greater control of and greater insight into our systems. I’ve learnt many lessons and I’m looking forward to applying them in future projects and to continuing to develop and enhance my skills.”

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