Meet Softronic at IDG – Security Day 21 June

Events | Publish date: 20 Jun 2017

Möt Softronic på IDG – Security Day 21/6

On 21 June Softronic’s Chief of Staff Joachim Lundberg will speak at IDG Security Day about IT security and how to get management to prioritise this issue.

The technology of today and tomorrow has unimaginable opportunities for business development, but also present challenges for our customers’ integrity. The main objective of these new rules is to protect the individual. But if you are going to convince management, you can’t just tell them the size of the budget that is needed to comply with these new rules. A better approach is to explain how compliance with the new regulations can promote better business and deeper relationships with the customers. – Joachim Lundberg

Joachim has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and has extensive experience of working closely with management teams. At IDG Security Day decision-makers in IT security, leading suppliers and speakers, will come together with IDG to discuss strategic IT security issues.

On 21 June we will meet at Operaterassen, for an exclusive, intimate and interactive half-day event, focusing on discussions, experience sharing and networking – interspersed with leading speakers in IT security and GDPR (

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