Softronic restructures its digitisation business

News | Publish date: 16 Aug 2017


Hand som håller i telefon på uppkopplad bakgrund
Hand som håller i telefon på uppkopplad bakgrund

Softronic has offered digitisation for a long time to major actors in the public sector, member organisations and Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds. This digitisation includes the BPO service (Business Process Outsourcing). The aim is to be the leading overall service supplier for customers who require the very best security, delivery reliability and quality. It is now time to structure these operations to meet the requirements on the market. After previous acquisitions, Softronic has had several data input centres in Sweden for different parts of the market, and where customers other than the ones listed above have had deliveries. The centres that have standard deliveries are in Solna and Östersund. These centres are now being sold to the international company BancTec, which recognises the major potential in these kinds of deliveries. Softronic has decided to focus more on the most demanding large companies in Sweden, where digitisation is a business-critical issue. The sale includes assets and liabilities in the form of customer agreements and supplier agreements. All staff at these locations are being offered employment at BancTec AB. Softronic does not believe that this sale will have any impact on its profit.

About Softronic

Softronic is an IT and management consultancy firm that offers services ranging from advice and new development to administration and operations. Its customers are primarily medium and large Swedish companies and organisations. Softronic was formed in 1984 and is a listed company with approximately 430 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Sundsvall, Östersund and Arjeplog. For more information, contact:Anders Eriksson CEO, Softronic AB (Publ) tel: +46 8 5190 9000 Press release