We are building the healthcare of the future, which supports both healthcare and patients in a cohesive care chain – in an effective and high-quality way.

Digitalized healthcare processes require new innovative solutions. We are creating solutions, focusing on both the needs of the individual and the future.

Anna Thörnlund, Business Area Manager


New technology offers great opportunities for both healthcare and patients. The difficulty lies in introducing, using and benefiting from this technology. We can help you with this. At Softronic we have many years’ experience of major national e-health projects and helping entrepreneurs transform an idea into functional services.

We follow and work with the digitalization of healthcare and know how mobility and the Internet of Things can support and add value to healthcare. We have in-depth knowledge of national architecture, infrastructure and frameworks for e-health, particularly RIV-TA, and we are extremely skilled in healthcare infrastructure, such as SITHS, HSA, TGP, Sjunet and the National Service Platform. By working with us at Softronic, we can ensure the following:

  • The public has access to open and secure information about their care and health.
  • Support and strengthen the collaboration between healthcare providers that are jointly caring for a patient.
  • Support prevention and health promotion in healthcare.
  • Ensure that care is administered at the right time, to the right patient, in the right place and at the right cost, i.e. good quality and high efficiency.
Anders Wannfors