We want to use digitalisation to help find new solutions that make life easier for the people living in our community. We also need to free up time for our employees to spend more time on more specialised tasks.

Maria Dahl Torgerson, Head of Communication and Digitalisation for Södertälje Municipality

Introduction to Conversational AI

Would you like to create benefit for your operations and your customers using a chatbot solution, or Conversational AI, as we call it? We can guarantee that we will help you achieve your goal, no matter whether you want to reduce the burden off your customer service department, increase your availability for your customers, increase sales or simply cut costs.

We can also promise extremely high quality and that you can be ‘live’ with your Conversational AI in just 6–12 weeks with pre-loaded knowledge that corresponds to around 200–400 different intents, depending on the scope of the knowledge and its complexity.

Our offering is run as an extremely rapid and agile project and is normally carried out over a period of 12 weeks. The project starts with a full-day workshop that focuses on defining goals and vision, tonality and personality, scope, desired effects and priorities. Epics for the priority goals are also identified during the workshop. The picture that we have built is supplemented with candidates for user stories for the first sprint.

After this full-day workshop, the chatbot starts to be trained, which is performed in two to four 3-week sprints, with each sprint delivering solid operational benefit. This is how the work progresses for each epic in the sprints:

  • Define user stories, design conversation flows and intent structure
  • Built contents in the tool for your Conversational AI
  • Test and verify
  • Demo

Each sprint starts with sprint planning based on the backlog product. After each sprint, the sprint is closed with a retrospective to ensure that the next sprint will be even better. Demos and retrospectives are the main way that progress and other critical success factors are communicated; they are primarily communicated to stakeholders who are not active in the project team.

Our approach, combined with the qualities of the service (product) and our extensive experience of developing and implementing digital assistants, means that we can guarantee that the project will result in a Conversational AI that:

  • Is robust and scalable and produced in the right way.
  • Is quality-assured.
  • Is cost-effective, and does not require much consultancy for its management and development.
  • Is easy to administer.
  • Supports follow-up easily and has good traceability.
  • Is unique for handling the Swedish language.
  • Can handle multiple languages at the same time.
  • Has knowledge corresponding to 200–400 intents, depending on the scope and length of the project.

If you are interested in introducing Conversational AI/chatbots into your operations, contact Dan Milestad, tel. no.: +46(0)70-691 44 97.