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Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Would you like to create value by automating repetitive tasks? Would you like to give your customers better service by shortening lead times? Would you like to save time and work more effectively? Or would you like to take the next step toward scalable and future-proof Enterprise automations?

Whatever your ambition is, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help to improve your quality and reduce errors, while eliminating time-consuming tasks. It can also relieve the burden off your employees, allowing their competence to be used for other tasks that create value.

One good step to take in digitalisation is to get help from RPA. RPA is a relatively new technology that has already ended up high on the agenda, and after four years is still in the top five searches at the analyst company Gartner. There is a huge amount of interest in it and it can be difficult to get a grip on how all the technologies, platforms and licence models can best fit your organisation.

The RPA technology creates value rapidly by automating repetitive tasks. The technology provides valuable information and data about what kind of automation solution you could have, the problems it could solve and the potential opportunities for your specific business and environment.

Using RPA we can easily automate what we do in front of the computer without integrating it with underlying systems. This can be either fully automated or as part of an activity; or as a workflow that is managed and decided by the staff, for example, in order to reduce errors or to make sure that staff work in the same way.

Upscaling increases the commercial benefit

RPA should not be seen as one individual action; the real value comes when it is upscaled with other units and digitalisation starts properly. At Softronic we can help you on your change journey with everything from strategies, setting requirements and change management to production-ready solutions. We understand how to combine new technologies and working methods with the old ones. We have partnerships with many suppliers, which means that you can choose freely between RPA, chatbots and supplementary technologies. We can help you to see the strengths of different solution options without having to lock into one technology or supplier. We can also help you monitor and operate your automations.

We help you with your automations

If you have not started automation using RPA or are wondering whether this is something for your organisation or company, we recommend starting with our Proof of Concept. A PoC enables you to map your current situation, provides you with support and advice on the processes you should start with, and shows the technology that is the most suitable for you. Finally, you will receive decision-making data to present to the other managers and the management team.

If you have already started and you want to go a little further, we have services that can take your automation solutions to the next level. Using chatbot solutions, OCR, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, UX etc., we can make sure that you get even better and more efficient processes and provide your customers and employees with the right conditions to improve productivity.

At Softronic we understand the importance of operating environments that you can trust. Over many years we have been operating and monitoring a number of critical systems in society for authorities and organisations. We provide you with the same secure monitoring and operation of your robots and automation solutions where necessary.

Contact us and we will tell you more about the specific ways we can help you.

Secure your automations with us

Let Softronic safely guide you on an exciting journey and show you the benefits of the technologies and working methods of the future. Together we can discover brand new possibilities with automation.

Softronic offers you 35 years’ worth of collective competence and experience from a number of industries where we have implemented complete IT solutions for a number of functions that are critical to society. We have been here for a long time and we will continue to be here and help you in the future. We make sure that your automations are secure, no matter which solution you choose.


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