By taking a holistic approach, we have acquired the ability to identify and prevent many attacks and threats.

Johan Malmborg, Head of Information Security Softronic AB

Managed Information Security Services

In a world where threats and risks are increasing every day, new kinds of protection and intelligence are required. When the threats and attacks use, for example, AI (Artificial Intelligence) combined with various kinds of robotic attacks (bot-net, Command and Control), signature-less threats, advanced charting of customised attacks, then proactivity, control and capabilities are required to combat these threats at a very early stage.

In this scenario, the time from discovery to action needs to be minimised to ensure that there is no or only minor damage to your operations. Softronic offers three levels of Cyber Defence as a Service:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Managed

This includes advanced protection such as SIEM, intrusion detection with action, threat detection, client protection (end point protection), etc. We also offer services for information security, the management and governance of information security, including management systems, risk management, setting requirements, etc. The services include all ongoing management, establishment and configuration of the technical services and technologies that are included. You are provided with your monitoring interface, in your own security zone, using secure communication and two factor authentication.

You yourself decide what action to take, if any, in the event of any incidents or threats.