MMK has provided support for our task management processes, allowing us to follow up important goals in our operations.

Jonas Svensson, IT Coordinator Swedish Transport Worker’s Union

MMK – Task management system

Task management systems result in a better overview and traceability in operations. If they are introduced into operations properly and successfully, they can be extremely beneficial as they provide more efficient handling and more satisfied customers.

For 15 years we have further developed MMK with our customers to create a product that can be used with most task management flows at companies, municipalities and authorities.

Our customers currently use MMK for processes in IT, HR, customer service, messenger services, internal service, etc.
Using our extensive experience in task management processes, we have developed a proven introduction model that can ensure that MMK is installed and configured as effectively as possible. Our senior consultants help to guide our customers, so that they can make the most of the system in their operations.

MMK is a standard product with many configuration options, making it easy to add functionality whenever the need arises.


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