Modern outsourcing

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Applications as a service? We offer everything from development to operation, laying the foundation for greater efficiency, flexibility and availability.

At the moment, many companies split up their development, management and operation of complex, company-critical applications and manage them in separate organisational pipelines, whether outsourced or not. Even if this is how things have been done historically, it could not be more detrimental in today’s world.

Anders Eriksson, founder Softronic

Modern outsourcing

Most companies currently have IT solutions that must function every day in order for the company to be able to operate. If the systems stop working, the company’s operations halt. It has therefore become important to have modern methods such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery when outsourcing IT activities. Softronic applies this today for several customers.

New outsourcing model

The model of the future is that applications are delivered as a complete service, where development and operation in their entirety are managed by the supplier from whom the service has been purchased. This creates clear responsibility and trackability. It is possible to apply this complete delivery to all of the company’s applications. However, this means that it must be possible to view these applications as services that can be outsourced in their entirety, including development, operation and management, in order to successfully achieve clear responsibility and realise the effects of guaranteed high availability. This also makes it possible to dramatically increase the rate of change within the applications, with the aim of supporting business development and constantly changing operations.

Continuous delivery with operation-oriented development

DevOps is a concept where a holistic approach to the development of applications is applied from the start. Developers must be aware that all applications must work continuously without interruption, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Continuous Delivery is a concept that focuses on the automation of fast and secure deliveries. It is based on the objective that customers/users should constantly gain access to new functions without experiencing any deficiencies in availability or function. but this requires an organisation where developers and operators work together every day. There are no actual hand-overs between development and operation, rather everything happens at the same time and automatically. This also means, by definition, that outsourcing models and agreements must establish a basis for this arrangement in order for it to work effectively.

Johan Andersson