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Automation campaign poster
Automation campaign poster

Automation mostly involves doing more with the resources you have available and giving more users more – and better – help more quickly. We offer our customers two main services:

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – which enables the automation of a number of repetitive tasks and processes using attended or unattended ‘robots’.
  2.  Conversational AI (Digital employee/chatbot) – which takes the pressure off your own staff, increases availability and enhances the user experience – 24 hours a day, while maintaining the same high quality.

Here is an example of how it works:

Every day, Swedish municipalities receive an extremely high number of enquiries about everything from the opening hours of swimming pools to building permit processes. Standard answers can be used for most of these questions and are quite straightforward for an administrator. The chatbot Kommun-Kim can reply to citizens 24 hours a day, without them having to wait; this also frees up time for staff at the municipality to deal with questions that are far more difficult to answer. As there is only one Kommun-Kim that serves all the municipalities in Sweden that are connected to it, the cost is 95% lower than if each of the municipalities were to build their own ‘chatbot’. And every time Kommun-Kim learns a new piece of information, this increases its overall knowledge, which then benefits every municipality.

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Workshop: Identifying what can be automated

This 2-hour workshop shows you how automating your processes can help your business and take the pressure off your operations. The model has been developed with our existing customers and we work with you to identify processes for automation in your operational systems.


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