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For us, digitalisation is not just about adding digital tools to your operations – it is about fundamentally changing what you do, and doing it more effectively using digital solutions. The ‘new normal’ after coronavirus also places high demands on companies and organisations; this includes the opportunity for people to work remotely and measures to improve efficiency.

Here is an example of how it works: 

The coronavirus pandemic shook Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds, with the number of their members and applicants basically doubling overnight. They would never have been able to deal with this surge in numbers without the combined power of digitalisation across the board. Many Swedes would have had to wait for months for their payments, if chatbots, automation and cloud connections had not enabled administrators to work from home, etc. Softronic was closely involved in the digital transformation of, for example, IF Metall’s unemployment insurance fund, and this has proved crucial over the past six months.

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Workshop Current situation analysis

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Would you like to find out which Microsoft services in M365 and O365 are actually being used in your organisation? To what extent? How secure they are? And what opportunities are available? This workshop will give you recommendations and a much better understanding.

We will also compile a report after the meeting, which you can use immediately in your operations or as the basis for future strategy work.

Workshop Current situation analysis

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