GoodTech – Technology for a sustainable society

Softronic’s ambition is to be a leader when it comes to providing innovative digital solutions that help companies and organisations create real social benefits. Together with our customers, we work for the digitalisation of society and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future. We at Softronic help our customers create innovative and operational digital services, which create added value and simplify people’s lives and jobs.

Through Digitalisation we help our customers change both their working methods and their services – to do something new and in a better way. We help our customers Automate wherever possible, to make their services more accessible and with higher quality. And in order for society to rest on a safe, digital foundation, we build Resilient IT that can withstand both security breaches and a changed outside world. This explains how everyone was able to continue working from home the very next day after the trade union Kommunal closed its offices as a result of the coronavirus.

We work to promote digitalisation by adapting what can be adapted and changing what no longer works. This enables us to help companies, organisations and society as a whole achieve higher levels of sustainability and prosperity.

This is what we call GoodTech – Technology that does good in society.

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At the moment we are running several workshops, which can be a first step towards a sustainable future:

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