Working with us

Working with us

The right competence and experience are at the heart of Softronic’s operations. We have older, experienced consultants and young talents who work together, spurring each other on to achieve.

Softronic is a company that has breadth as well as depth. We work in many different industries and often take on major assignments, resulting in us having long and close relationships with our customers. We work both in projects and as specialists, and we employ both trainees and experts.

At our company you can work at every stage of your career

Our employees are our most important asset and we work hard to attract and retain the right competence and experience. At our company you can work at every stage of your career. We also offer employment at one of the most profitable IT consultancy firms on the market.

We want to create a workplace where employees recommend their friends and where candidates spontaneously look for new challenges and opportunities.

In our assignments, you are given the opportunity to take responsibility and contribute actively to the solution.

The fact that our customers value our consultants is something we are proud of.

Film Employees on the record: “This is why we enjoy working at Softronic”

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