Operational system based on Dynamics 365 CRM

Softronic replaces a 20-year-old system with a more modern solution that improves processes and working methods.

Operational system based on Dynamics 365 CRM

Does your operational system no longer support your processes? Do you have an old system that needs updating? Softronic helped this national supervisory authority replace its 20-year-old operational system with a modern solution, and updated its processes and working methods so that it could become more efficient.


A national supervisory authority that develops rules and ensures that companies comply with them, and analyses risks. This authority has expanded in recent years, followed by an increase in funding from the government. More than 500 people currently work for this authority.


The assignment was to replace a 20-year-old operational system with a more modern solution built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform. Initially, a detailed review was carried out of the operations in order to define the needs and improvements in processes and working methods that could be achieved with a new operational system. During the process, Softronic was involved in every part of the implementation. It used an agile working process (Scrum) and was responsible for the testing process.

The Team Foundation Server system was used for task management in the project and its administration. In this environment, the supervisory authority logged bugs, new functions, changes and requests, which were then prioritised and discussed in the working group. The amount of time for the tasks was estimated, resulting in an implementation schedule that was sent to the authority for approval. Softronic performed the basic installation of Dynamics 365 at a fixed price, where the budget and schedule were met in accordance with the agreements in the contract.


The work carried out by Softronic’s project resources and the supervisory authority’s operational resources resulted in improvements in the authority’s processes and operational areas. Based on Dynamics 365’s best practice, Softronic’s consultants were able to offer helpful recommendations for the most effective working method for the authority, and they also recommended a standard working method that does not require too many customisations for the new institute register.