Britten Wennman – a new member of Softronic’s Board of Directors

News | Publish date: 4 Jul 2019

We would like to welcome Britten Wennman as a new member of Softronic’s Board. She has a background in IT from companies such as Cybercom, Webstep (previously Diversify) and Knowit. Britten is currently the CIO and Head of the Digital Channels department at Villaägarnas Riksförbund (Swedish Homeowners’ Association). With her extensive background in IT, she will be able to help Softronic on our future growth journey.

“I’ve been working for the IT industry for 28 years and have a really good understanding of this sector and its challenges. I have a background in building up business areas, promoting business and winning major assignments, so I think it will be great fun to be involved and help develop Softronic,” says Britten.

Britten is currently working as the CIO of the Swedish Homeowners’ Association and is the Head of the Digital Channels department. She believes that becoming a Board member is a natural step in her personal development.

“For me the culture and the values here feel real, and it feels like a family. I believe in the business model that Softronic uses for IT partnerships. The fact that I’ve been a customer and have worked more as client means that I can see both sides. It’s easy for suppliers and customers to only see things from their own perspective, but I hope that I can help with my ‘dual perspective’,” continues Britten.

Britten worked as a developer, and then a project manager. She moved on to developing business areas before running one herself. So she thinks that it will be enjoyable to be involved in taking Softronic forward strategically.

One of Softronic’s sector segments is membership companies. Britten herself was a consultant for the Swedish Fire Protection and is currently working for the Swedish Homeowners’ Association, a membership company. So with her background it will be easier for her to understand the challenges that membership organisations face and how they think.

“My time at Cybercom also involved me working extensively on public procurements, so it feels like this is a perfect place for me to work and is ‘spot on’ looking at Softronic’s offerings.”

She thinks that one of the challenges facing Softronic and many others in this sector is recruitment.

“By continuing to develop its employees and offering interesting and enriching assignments, Softronic can become an even stronger brand on the market.”

Britten adds:
“Another challenge facing Softronic is to be clearer in its message to the market. Softronic has extensive experience and more than 700 customers, but there are few customers who know about Softronic’s entire range. Softronic needs to show everything we do well a little more. We have an unbelievable portfolio with interesting customer assignments, so there is an opportunity for us to show more of our competence and enhance Softronic’s brand.”

When she is not at work, Britten really enjoys gymnastics. She is an enthusiastic leader and judge at Nacka Gymnastikförening (Nacka gymnastics association) and is passionate about young people and gymnastics.

A very warm welcome to Britten!