Cajsa Winnberg – a new employee joining Softronic’s CRM team

Career | Publish date: 30 Aug 2021

Softronic would like to welcome Cajsa Winnberg, a presales and application consultant. She is going to be part of Softronic’s CRM team, working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Can you tell us briefly about your role at Softronic?

“I’m going to support project sales and also work more actively on the projects. It’s so great to be able to take on quite a broad role. And after just two weeks, I know that I’m going to grow so much as a person here at Softronic.”

What’s the most enjoyable thing about starting work at Softronic?

“I’d heard many great things about Softronic as an employer, and even though I’m starting in these difficult times, I still feel that I’ve hit the ground running. It feels like Softronic has a lot of confidence in me and I’ve already been ‘thrown’ into projects while I’m still learning the ropes. I also enjoy the fact that I’m switching platforms to Dynamics 365, which is one the reasons I applied to Softronic.”

How do you think that your experience of CRM will help the company?

“I’m bringing with me experience of a different CRM platform to the one we work with at Softronic, as well as my experience as a business developer and user. I’ve worked on understanding company processes, challenges and needs so that I can apply them to CRM. Although this is a new platform for me, the processes and solutions are extremely similar. Of course, there are different interfaces that I have to get used to!”

If you were to give advice to someone who wants to invest in a new CRM, what would it be?

“CRM is such a broad area, you don’t need every part of it; it will depend on the needs of your company. But I would say, think bigger, take into account the whole of the platform and the other systems you use. I would also add routines as well; if you haven’t previously worked with CRM, it’s important for you to have routines where everything is logged. A CRM cannot be better than the data you add into the system.”

What do you usually do in your free time?

“We’ve got a one-year-old at home, so family life takes up as much of my time as possible. When I’ve got some time to myself, I enjoy watching films/TV series, exercising and puzzles. I think it’s great to have things at home that you yourself have done, not chosen to do as part of a business deal.”

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