Service – an important part of Softronic’s corporate culture

News | Publish date: 9 Jul 2019

Softronic’s head office is right on the quayside at Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. Most of Softronic’s 450 employees work here.

Camilla and Lena work on the 8th floor, which is Softronic’s conference and entertainment floor for visitors. They are the first people you meet when you arrive at Softronic and they play an important role in building the family atmosphere at the office. Camilla and Lena look after both the employees and the customers and make sure that all the practical elements at the office work.

Camilla is a receptionist and looks after the switchboard and some of the administrative tasks, including managing contracts.

“I started working for Softronic in 2005 as an employee of Manpower, but I became a permanent employee for Softronic after a year,” says Camilla.

Lena works as a service hostess, which means providing service for both staff and customers with everything you could imagine. This includes ordering food and drink for various meetings (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks) and purchasing different items, including stationery.

“I’ve been working here since 1991, but I was originally hired by Consultus. Softronic bought me out of my contract in 1999,” says Lena.

Camilla and Lena have various roles, but their focus is on serving customers and their colleagues, which is something they enjoy. They work together a lot and help each other when necessary.

“I like being the first contact that people have when they visit Softronic. It’s important for me to make them feel welcome when they enter our premises,” says Camilla.

Lena agrees, adding:
“I enjoy working with people. It’s great to feel appreciated and to see that what I am doing means something for our staff and our customers.”

Providing good service is very important for Softronic and both Lena and Camilla think that this means being available, helpful and always treating people in a positive way; so making sure that Softronic’s customers and employees are happy and feel good.

“We also love working in these wonderful premises. Having a great place to work makes it that much more enjoyable,” says Lena. She continues:
“It’s also great that it’s such an independent job.”

Camilla agrees and concludes:
“We can work under pressure, we are positive and you can always trust us in any situation. This is important when you are working in a service role.”