Events | 9 Mar 2020

Guest speakers from Softronic to appear as guest speakers at a breakfast seminar on RPA and Chatbots

Introducing technology such as bots and RPA into your operations does not have to be expensive or require a lot of resources, but how can technology actually replace people and what is expected of the people who are left?

Softronic’s Emil Bengtsson and Dan Milestad are appearing as guest speakers at Barona’s breakfast seminar, which will be held on Thursday 26 March on the theme: Hybrid Tech – How collaboration between technology and people creates customer service of the future.

During the seminar you will find out about:
How RPA and bot technology can be used to streamline customer service and how technology has solved operational problems, helping to cut costs.

They will give you advice on how to introduce technology as a natural part of customer service and provide concrete examples from two of Barona’s projects:

  • Barona’s RPA project that has helped to save the client SEK 2.3 million.
  • Barona’s and Softronic’s joint Proof of Concept with an RPA-integrated chatbot; a self-service solution where the bot securely identifies customers and performs transactions.

Dan Milestad will talk about how the chatbot Skatti took the pressure off the Swedish Tax Agency:

  • 42% of the chats with the Swedish Tax Agency are outside standard working hours
  • 92% think they are dealt with in a friendly way
  • 75% do not need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency in any other way.

Time and location:

Thursday 26 March, at 08.00– 09.30. Breakfast is served from 8:00 and the presentation starts at 08.30.
Location: At Barona, Svetsarvägen 8, Solna Business Park

This event is free of charge.


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About the speakers:

Ken Persson is the Head of IT at Barona and is responsible for the company’s development of new IT services for customer service. Ken has an extensive background in business development and IT and has worked for the past 20 years in customer service outsourcing, where his strategic business focus has been to continually develop customer collaboration.

Emil Bengtsson, Softronic has worked with IT deliveries for operations for 20 years (the past 13 years at Softronic AB). Emil enjoys finding solutions that simplify and streamline operations for everyone involved in the IT delivery. In recent years he has been working a lot on automating time-consuming IT processes using RPA technology.

Dan Milestad, Softronic has been working over the past 5 years on selling and delivering smart chatbot solutions. It is true that over the past five years we have all made mistakes and we have been able to learn a lot because of this. We now know that we can definitely deliver chatbots that create real customer benefits, where we can guarantee high quality.

Use technology in the right way to make sure your employees don’t feel like robots.