News | 26 Apr 2019

Softronic on omnichannel

Omnichannel is an environment that connects physical stores and e-commerce using a business system. It creates a seamless ecosystem for the customer, for sales work and for after-sales work. Customers, products, prices and campaigns are visible through all channels and systems, enabling a company to focus on its sales strategy rather than on administration and technology. No separate cash systems are required as all sales are made through an e-commerce engine.

Many customers are choosing to adopt an omnichannel strategy as it allows companies to reach out to all their customers more effectively, whichever channel they use, with the same information and same offerings. This solution minimises administration work and the customer finds the same information everywhere. It also makes sales easier, as the sales process flows freely between the various spaces online and in physical stores.

Softronic is working continually on developing its omnichannel offering. As well as the continual work on optimising performance, we are working with AI to produce new digital online salespeople. We are also working to make it easier for the customer to start a purchase at home and complete it in store, and also the other way round; so starting a purchase in store, and then maybe supplementing it and completing it at home. We are also discussing ways in which we can develop the logistics for delivering goods. We can see a future where an increasing number of stores will become showrooms, where the customers will place their order. This will place high demands on freight options. If the customer is going to accept this kind of purchase, the goods they order must be able to be delivered to them in a very short period of time, preferably before they have got home.

Omnichannel Softronic