Trendspotting from the Framtidens Kundservice and Contact Center conference

News | Publish date: 7 Nov 2019

Customer service is becoming increasingly important and has found itself higher up in the organisation. It is customer service that is the face to the outside world and where many of the daily contacts with the customers take place. This is going to be highlighted at the Framtidens Kundservice (Customer Service of the Future) and Contact Center conference that will be held on 6–7 November.

Emil Bengtsson, Dan Milestad and Thomas Bergstedt are taking part from Softronic. Here is some trendspotting we did at the conference.

  • Requirements for accessibility, simplicity and speed, whether it is with a chatbot or a personal contact, have become even more important for customers and citizens. They expect quick answers and solutions.
  • It is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand their customers’ needs in an ever-changing world, while many customers want to be able to carry out tasks in an automated way using chats and chatbots. They do not only want answers, they also want to do a lot by themselves. This is where AI plays a central role in improving customer satisfaction and predicting what customers expect in the next step.
  • Södertälje Municipality and Digitalisation Strategist Tony McCarrick gave the presentation: This is how Södertälje is focusing on its customers and citizens in a digitalised world – participation, new technology and synergies! We’re happy that he mentioned Kommun-Kim, which is the new digital employee at the Contact Centre.
  • Dan Milestad took part in the panel debate that talked about Customer Service of the Future and there were several interesting discussions. ‘Have the courage to act and take the drama out of introducing a digital employee,’ was something that was highlighted.  It’s also important to ‘Understand the customer’s needs and quickly when implementing new technology’.

For us at Softronic it’s clearly essential for us to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and think about our customers’ challenges so that we can offer world-class customer service.


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Our AI team has more than 30 years’ experience between them of introducing ‘Conversational Ai’/chatbots in different sectors. Our project deliveries quickly result in huge benefits to the operations and a better customer experience:

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