We want to use digitalisation to help find new solutions that make life easier for the people living in our community. We also need to free up time for our employees to spend more time on more specialised tasks.

Maria Dahl Torgerson, Head of Communication and Digitalisation for Södertälje Municipality

Kommun-Kim chatbot

Give your citizens greater service, while freeing up time to develop your own operations.

Kommun-Kim is a modern digital employee (chatbot) that answers the most frequently asked questions from people in the municipality 24 hours a day. People don’t have to queue or wait in the chat as Kim gives answers directly. Kim also keeps on learning day by day and is always in a good mood!

Kommun-Kim offers:

  • 24/7– service 24 hours a day
  • 30% – a reduction in questions by phone
  • 1,700 – pre-loaded questions and answers about the most common municipal issues
  • 10 days – from project start to direct benefit for the citizens and operations.

Södertälje Municipality was the first to launch Kommun-Kim on its start page at www.sodertalje.se and several municipalities are starting to follow their example. People in Södertälje can use Kommun-Kim as another way to access the municipality and it increases the availability of information in a modern and more personal way.

See the interview with the Kommun-Kim chatbot below:

Do what Södertälje Municipality has done and employ Kommun-Kim. Contact the person responsible, Dan Milestad on tel. no.: +46(0)70-691 44 97 or by email: dan.milestad@softronic.se or kommun-kim@softronic.se

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How do I buy Kommun-Kim

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Our AI team has more than 30 years’ experience between them of introducing ‘Conversational AI’/chatbots in different sectors. Our project deliveries quickly result in huge benefits to the operations and a better customer experience:

  • 80% of all users receive the help they need through the chat
  • 92% think they are dealt with in a friendly way
  • 98% accuracy in the answers