Digital sales platform

Our platform for the Digital sales of insurance. Manages the entire chain from needs analysis and advice to the purchase of insurance.

Digital sales platform

Digital sales platform

Start page –  The start page allows you to offer different products, prices and terms for different customers. This makes it easy to adapt your offer to different channels and target groups.

Needs analysis – This is where we collect data for a description of the current situation and a needs analysis. The information being collected is defined and entered into guides that create dynamic forms for the customer to fill in.

Needs – our proposal – We match the responses from the needs analysis with the insurance offer for this channel and target group.

Current situation and recommendation – The customer is given a proposal with a description of the situation both with and without the insurance solution we are offering. It is also possible for the customer to further adapt our proposal using defined rules.

Risk assessment – If our offer requires a health declaration, the customer will fill this in, based on the data that is needed for the insurance solution. A dynamic health declaration asks the right questions for the insurance solution.

Purchase – If the insurance can be issued with an automatic assessment, the customer can purchase it. If this is not possible, the data is used to produce an insurance application with a manual risk assessment.

Confirmation – The customer receives a confirmation of their purchase or application.

Test – We believe that a good approach is to test how it works in practice. We have therefore created a demo environment where you and your colleagues can try it out in reality.

All you have to do is to click “Test our digital sales process” and try buying insurance in a fully digital way, right from the start to the finish. We would like to point out that products, premiums and contractual payments are one example and might not reflect a real business transaction.

Test our digital sales process (Swedish only)

Johan Andersson