ERP-system for the food industry

Tailor-made solution because it is needed

Softronic offers unique business system solutions for food industries based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. It is the obvious choice for small and medium-sized companies that produce, handle and trade food products. The solution can also be used for other operations that involve the production and logistics of goods, where there are strict requirements for monitoring and checks throughout the flow.

The standardized business systems available on the market offer a good foundation for most businesses but cannot be expected to meet the specific needs that exist for a particular industry. Even with customizations, plug-ins or individual extensions, it will probably not provide all the features needed to support the business and create the conditions for growth. There is also a great risk that such a solution will be a combination of different products that in the long run are not fully compatible with each other, which can create challenges and costly future management.

Challenges in the food industry

Every industry has its challenges and that is true of the food industry as well. Companies are struggling with profitability and consumers are making more and more demands. Increased regulation in quality and food safety is also driving change in many areas. We keep up-to-date about what is happening in your niche in the food industry, whether it be meat, dairy, fish bread, fresh produce or the wholesale trade, and we believe that technology can play a major role in preparing food companies for the future.

Technology built for the future

Over the years we have become experts not only in IT, but also in food industry challenges which has enabled us to establish a special relationship with this group of customers, to understand their needs and develop solutions to their everyday challenges. We are taking this to the next level by using the advantages offered by the Microsoft platform, giving both ourselves and our customers access to future technological advances.

As the exclusive partner and reseller for Aptean Food & Beverge ERP in Sweden we, at Softronic, have built on our competence and experience to offer our customers customised, more efficient systems. We are excited to continue the journey with you into the Dynamics 365 era and we are undeniably proud to be able to continue to offer the best food solution on the market.

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