A service-based delivery allows us to support our customers’ operations, while enabling the customer’s IT department to focus on the right areas.

Johan Andersson, Business Area Manager Innovation Partner

Managed Service

In the current digitised world, an increasing number of companies are becoming dependent on IT systems that support operations and businesses. These businesses are dependent on the user always having access to the systems, whether it is a customer or an internal user. Ensuring the availability of the systems takes time and resources from the core operations, which could be used to further develop the business.

Softronic ensures availability through Managed Service

Our Managed Service offer is a combination of services, which allows us to work proactively to ensure that the customer’s users have access to their operational systems. These services allow Softronic to guarantee availability to all or parts of the customer’s IT systems and not only the servers that the systems work on. We work with all of the suppliers that the customer has contracted to deliver various components of their IT environment. If any problems occur, Softronic acts as a partner and coordinates the action that is needed to tackle the problems, irrespective of the supplier where the problem is to be found. Managed Service is a service-based IT delivery, in a dialogue between Softronic and the customer, where we work together to decide the services that are most suitable for the customer’s operations. The services that Managed Service contains are:

  • IT operating services
    • Server management
      • Private cloud
      • Public cloud
      • Hybrid solutions
    • Network management
    • Storage
    • Operating monitoring
  • Application management services
    • Application monitoring
    • Patch and deploy
    • Log service with trend analysis
  • Service desk services
    • 24/7/365 service desk services
    • Self-service portal
  • Managed Workplace
    • Complete lifecycle management of clients
    • Program packaging
    • Client security
    • Digital workplace