IT and business governance

We help you to create greater efficiency in your operations by developing your ability to work in a structured way with IT issues.

IT and business governance

Working efficiently is made easier by understanding how we can use current standardised models, methods and regulations. We believe in the principle that real life does not always follow a set route. By this we mean that each model needs to be adapted to address the unique conditions of each business.

If we do not build working methods based on actual conditions, people may find these new working methods bureaucratic. If we want to increase or retain our competitiveness, we must always work in a way that frees up time and creates better order. We help you establish working methods for:

  • Management/Management governance (PM3, ISO 55 001, ITIL)
  • Information security (ISO 27 001, Cobit, ISF SoGP, PCIDSS, PUL)
  • IT service management – Service delivery (ITIL)
  • Project management (PPS, PROPS, Ratten)


Stellan Exarchopoulos
Manager IT- and management
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