Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Good customer relations are essential to improve growth. The CRM strategy automates the internal workflows and ensures communication with your customers.

Softronic took on a very demanding challenge, replacing a well-established operational system that we had developed ourselves with a brand new one. We were able to succeed because of Softronic’s experience and competence, and the engagement of our entire organisation.

Christian Rockberger, CEO of Stockholm Parkering

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Do employees give less priority to dealing with customers? If your organisation does not have a shared view of your customers, you might have untapped potential and lost income.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform enables you to create a holistic view of your organisation using CRM and ERP apps. Connect your entire company on the same platform and share data across all business areas in your operations. As a Microsoft product, Dynamics is well integrated with the rest of the Microsoft platform, while the data structure makes it easy for you to integrate it with your other applications.
Make more informed decisions based on insights from real-time data and artificial intelligence to achieve better results.

Here are some areas where Dynamics 365 CRM can help your operations:

Softronic has 35 experienced consultants who deliver Dynamics 365 CRM based on your operations and requests. Softronic acts as an advisor along the way to give you the best conditions to reach your goals.

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