Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Does your company create relevant campaigns that are visible in the right places? Are leads continually followed up? Generate more leads for your company, increase demand and create more business opportunities using Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Adapt the customer experience with Dynamics 365 Marketing and create better relationships with your customers. This solution enables you to create customer journeys in a structured way, so that you can reach your customers with the right message, at the right time and through the right channel.

The Dynamics platform allows your marketing activities and sales organisation to work more seamlessly together, using shared data and reducing costs. AI assesses your new leads, which means that your sales team can focus on reaching the right people.

Softronic adapts the solution to your organisation and integrates Dynamics 365 Marketing with apps and services based on your needs.

Discover some of our Dynamics 365 Marketing deliveries below.


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