It has made life much easier for us to have a portal and access to a CRM system, rather than working with all the data directly in an Excel document. We’ve been working with Softronic to produce an interface that is easy to administer, and it has both saved us time and made everything much clearer.

Sofia Svegander

Dynamics 365 Portal and CRM support for administering applications for the Swedish Championship Week

Do you need to replace an existing operational process and link it to CRM? Do you want to move away from manual handling and develop a solution that is easy to administer and saves time? The Swedish Sports Confederation has been helped to replace its application process for the Swedish Championship Week with a more secure system, while also gaining a centralised CRM solution that can administer more applications.


The Swedish Championship Week (SM-Veckan) is one of the largest sporting events in Sweden. Seniors from different sports come together in one city for one week to compete for their Swedish championships. The Swedish Sports Confederation organises the Swedish Championship Week and uses this event, for example, to showcase the breadth and depth of this confederation by bringing together major and minor sports at one joint event.


The challenge for the Swedish Championship Week was not only the fact that so many different associations from the whole of Sweden were involved, but also the difficulty in distributing and administering such a high number of applications for this event from many different specialist sports associations and many different kinds of sports.

Softronic was commissioned to replace the existing application process, which had mostly been managed in Excel, with a more secure system that was easier to administer over time, both for the administrators and for the individual associations around the country.

The application process is maintained through an easily accessible portal called ‘Power Apps Portal’, which allows users to submit applications to CRM. Once the application has been approved by a central administrator, the user is given login details. This enables them to edit and complete their applications within their own association. Access roles control what the administrator and users can see and do in both CRM and the portal in order to enhance security.

Processes have been set up that automatically send welcome messages and invitations with login information to new users as well as reminders to users when deadlines are approaching. The system enables coherent communication, reporting and extracts that can be used as ordering data for the host cities and subcontractors. It also makes it easier and clearer for administrators to view the progress users are making in their applications, without having to look at individual applications.

The CRM is customised to enable the customer itself to add new Swedish Championship Weeks, ordering elements, associations and users when necessary. The system also enables the customisation of reusable reports and templates when sending mailings to the users.

The project has been carried out by gradually implementing, reporting and testing the elements and functionality that have been requested. This has allowed the project to re-evaluate the requirements and recommendations on a continual basis.


The result was a centralised CRM solution that can administer applications for several Swedish Championship Weeks at the same time. The customer now has better control and a better overview than they had in the past when they were only working in Excel. Softronic has also produced quick reference guides and training materials for administrators, and has trained and advised on areas where CRM can be used.

The assignment was carried out from October 2019 to February 2020 and has now been passed on to the administrators.