Automatic Customer Service 5 March

Events | Publish date: 2 Mar 2020

Softronic took part in the Automatisk Kundtjänst (Automatic Customer Service) conference that took place on Thursday 5 March in central Stockholm.

Robotised self-service is the future of customer service for both the public and private sectors. According to Gartner 91% of all organisations are planning to add AI to their customer service over the next three years. Digital employees are the hottest thing in customer service, contact centres and support.

Softronic is an exhibitor and will mostly be talking about how Conversational AI (chatbots) can help create benefit for both your own operations and your customers. We can guarantee that we will help you achieve your goal, no matter whether you want to reduce the burden off your customer service department, increase your availability for your customers, increase sales or simply cut costs.

You will gain an extremely high quality digital employee and you can be ‘live’ with your chatbot in just 6–12 weeks with pre-loaded knowledge that corresponds to around 200–400 different intents, depending on the scope of the knowledge and its complexity.

Meet Dan Milestad and Lena Holmér at the conference to discuss your challenges and how you can quickly get started with your ‘Conversational AI’.

Read more about the conference here.

View our offering Introduction to Conversational AI.


Dan Milestad, Head of Sales and Delivery AI
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