Microsoft Power Platform

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Vill ni bli en effektivare arbetsplats? Vill ni få en modern och mer interaktiv plattform för era medarbetare? Vill ni underlätta samarbete och arbetsflöden? Oavsett vad ni vill åstadkomma så är Microsoft Power Platform tjänsten för er.

Microsoft Power Platform 

Do you want to be a more efficient workplace? Do you want to have a modern and more interactive platform for your employees? Do you want to facilitate collaboration and workflows?  No matter what you want to achieve, Microsoft Power Platform is the service for you. 

Power Platform can make your business easier with your own apps to support your daily work, which in turn are easily accessible and user-friendly regardless of device (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.). For example, you can automate flows that handle an approval process with interaction with M365 users. You can compile and filter information from different internal or external sources and present it in an attractive way. Artificial Intelligence that analyzes images and executes predetermined commands and events.

The Power Platform tool palette has four main features: 

  • PowerBI market’s most powerful BI tool  
  • PowerApps for proprietary built applications  
  • Power Automate create automatic flows   
  • Power Virtual Agents create powerful chatbots 

PowerApps is also possible to build as interfaces with databases (ex Business Central), Excel, SharePoint, etc. You can also migrate the LotusNote app to Power Platform. You only need a license to develop apps, but it’s free to use  

Applications and uses 

We at Softronic have built several tools in different application areas, but in practice the possibilities are limitless. Here are some examples of successful applications: 

  • Purchase request from employee and direct connection to Business Central (BC) 
  • View the location and number of employees in the office, as well as additional information on an interactive map 
  • Application for quality management system where several levels of the organization can practically register and follow up your progress 
  • Onboarding apps that introduce new employees and welcome them to the company 
  • ChatBots that handle helpdesk queries 

We help you 

Although the Power Platform tool palette is simple and intuitive, it’s a good idea to get started with experienced expertise, whether it’s all or part of Power Platform.

Softronic can offer both experience around the platform and on practical applications: 

  • Do analysis of the current situation and develop an action plan  
  • Plan, prepare and conduct workshops 
  • Design and develop 
  • Testing and rollout