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Vill ni bli en betydligt effektivare arbetsplats? Vill ni få en modern och mer interaktiv plattform för era medarbetare? Vill ni underlätta samarbete, delning och möten inom bolaget eller externt? Oavsett vad ni vill åstadkomma så är Microsoft Teams tjänsten för er.

Microsoft Teams

Do you want to have a much more efficient workplace? Do you want to have a modern and more interactive platform for your employees? Do you want to facilitate cooperation, sharing and meetings within the company or externally?  No matter what you want to accomplish, Microsoft Teams is the service for you. 

Teams can make your business easier by acting as a workplace for your daily work 

  • An application that brings together document management, meetings, conversations, chat, etc. 
  • Ability to work from any location (office, home) and device (work computer, home computer, mobile) 
  • Easy to find documents and information 
  • Easier to share documents cross-functionally within the company 
  • The ability to add more features to Teams 
  • Becomes easier for the business and creates an efficient way of working 

How do Teams become your natural workspace? 

You don’t have to use all the parts of Teams, but instead delimit what you want to use, and thus divide the rollout of Teams. In this way, your organization can grow in with the new platform, with the priority that gives the greatest impact first. 

Examples of division 

  • Chat and meeting functionality in Teams 
  • Document management and working with files 
  • Projektplanering (Planner) 
  • Other integrations 

We help you 

In order for the introduction of Teams to run smoothly and at the same time maximum positive impact on the business, we can help you with the introduction of Teams. 

  • Do analysis of the current situation and develop an action plan 
  • Hold workshops and preparations for these 
  • Migrate documents from different sources to Teams 



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