Get the whole team involved early on and create efficiency, quality and value

Blog | Publish date: 17 Aug 2021

Therése Sundberg is a Management Leader at Softronic and in an earlier blog post, she explained how to create a team that thrives when working with, for example application management. In this post, she shares how she works to get the whole team involved at an early stage to secure the best efficiency and quality for the customer. It is important to have a hands-on and engaged team if you want to combine efficient processes with delivery quality. This is why she tries to think ‘more people earlier and together’.

By involving the whole team early on in the process and working with a behaviour-driven approach to requirements, solutions, code and tests, we have found an extremely good working method for us.

Our working method gives:

  1. Understanding and engagement
  2. More responsibility and better quality
  3. More effective communication and an even stronger customer relationship.

An outside-in mindset

If you make sure the needs of the customer are met and create intuitive and user-friendly solutions that are adapted to their behaviour, this will result in more successful deliveries. We adopt an outside-in approach Firstly we want to understand the operations and who is going to use the system. We then understand what the needs are and finally what we need to do to create sustainable solutions with the right functions. Quite simply an ‘outside-in’ approach!

We believe that more people should be involved early on to get a good understanding, knowledge and overview of the customer’s needs. This will make us better able to provide a great design for their solution and effective deliveries. Everyone needs to understand the goals and the role they play in the QA work to make sure the delivery meets these goals. If everyone on the team understands our customers’ systems, needs and market, we can be the customer’s ‘Trusted Advisor’ throughout all the phases.

This is why we go that extra mile to get the whole team involved early on and take a holistic approach to quality assurance so that we can identify any deviations early on in the:

  • Design
  • Test base
  • Code base
  • Integration between systems
  • Configuration parameters
  • The goals
  • The route we want to take

… so that we are constantly evolving and can deliver high quality and create robust solutions from a proud team.

Blog post written by Therése Sundberg for Softronic AB.